The Band Perry

When it comes to country music phenoms, they’re the new kids on the block … figuratively and literally. The group of three siblings were just wrapping up a world … Read more

Sophia Bush

Even though Sophia Bush is now officially in her 30’s, she’s still a darling of teens everywhere thanks to her stint on “One Tree Hill”. I met her … Read more

Jennifer Holliday

Jennifer Holliday is a diva. She’s an icon. She’s an institution. This is a woman could singlehandedly rip the roof off a coliseum with her powerhouse voice. Of course, I … Read more

Jason Beghe

This man is a stud. A stud with a really low, really growly voice. I flat out asked him if his third testicle had dropped down – perhaps the … Read more

Jimmy Fallon

Note how big the smile is on my face in this picture. It practically screams “I Heart Jimmy Fallon”. When I interviewed him, he was poised to take over … Read more

Frenchie Davis

Because I, too, am a strong black woman – I got along swimmingly with Broadway diva and “American Idol/Voice” alum Frenchie Davis. When she said, “I’m a proud, gay, African … Read more

Tim Meadows

Tim Meadows has the distinction of being one of the longest-tenured cast members on “SNL”. He also has the distinction of being the most low-key comedian ever to appear … Read more

Chris Kattan

Remember Mr. Peepers? Well, if you were a product of the ‘90’s and a fan of “SNL”, you remember Kattan’s comedic part-monkey/part-human character. Mr. Peepers would eat apples in … Read more

Tommy Davidson

He’s a spindly, little dude with a frenetic, kinetic energy. Since I wasn’t the one who did his interview, all I can remember about meeting him is that I wanted … Read more


My friend Laura’s solitary goal in life was to meet pop culture icons New Kids On The Block. When I found out they were going to be in town … Read more