Rob Riggle

He always plays the loud bully, the loud buffoon or the boisterous comic relief in nearly everything he does. In real life though, Riggle is chatty, affable and, uh, kinda … Read more

Damian McGinty & Paul Byrom

Both McGinty and Byrom were members of the Irish singing group Celtic Thunder. The group, known for their eclectic sounds and gorgeous harmonies, can oft be found on PBS … Read more

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Patrick Schwarzenegger comes from fine stock/lineage … his mom is Kennedy royalty and his dad is nicknamed the Austrian Oak. Then it should come as absolutely no surprise that this … Read more

Chef Curtis Stone

Those eyes. That accent. That hair. Chef Curtis Stone swung by KCL and brought his Australian charm with him. At nearly 6’5”, he towered over everyone in the studio. … Read more

Cindy Williams

You know her and love her as Shirley Feeney from ABC’s stalwart sitcom “Laverne & Shirley”. When she arrived, the first thing she noticed is that we were dressed … Read more

Brian Dunkleman

You might remember him from the first season of “American Idol”. Now comedian Brian Dunkleman takes his act on the road doing stand-up comedy. During the interview, he told … Read more

Mark McGrath

Once the lead singer of a band, always the lead singer of a band. The still-ridiculously hunky Mark McGrath (of Sugar Ray-fame) swung by the KCL studios and had … Read more

Jim Gaffigan

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve gotten stopped in the airport by folks wondering if I’m comedian Jim Gaffigan.  When I met my doppelganger, I poked fun … Read more

Dave Coulier

Don’t tell Dave, but I’ve never seen one episode of “Full House.” Apparently, I was too busy watching “LA Law” or something. Nevertheless, the comedian was one of … Read more

Matt Damon

Poor Matt – he was looking a little rough around the edges when I met him. With four small daughters, I can understand why he might have been run … Read more