Around my place of gainful employment, nearly every department has a catchy little moniker.  The Print peeps are known as Printopia.  The Web Designers are called Web Zeppelin.  The owner … Read more

And then there’s Teresa …

In order to set this story up – I need to step in to the “Wayback Machine”.  Picture me, freshman year in college.  Sporting a ridiculous Flock Of Seagulls ‘do.  … Read more

Leaf Peeping

In my 30-something odd years on this earth, I’ve never been to New England.  I hear people talk about how gorgeous it is.  I have relatives who have lived there … Read more

Fire Drill

When you go on the road as much as I do … you learn to expect the unexpected.  Plan for the worst … expect the best … as my mom … Read more

Best. Picture. Ever.

Let’s face it … I’m photogenic.  Well, in my mind, I’m photogenic.  I’ve never met a mirror or a camera I didn’t like.  But as I settle in to my … Read more

And he does his little turn on the catwalk …

My good friend Jeremy is a male model in NY.  He has the chiseled jaw and chiseled pecs of a Greek Adonis.
I hate him.  (Back-story ahead …)
Many, many moons ago, … Read more

I surf. You surf. We all surf for whatnot.

Okay, so I blog.  You’re reading it right now.  Riveting, huh?  But I always wondered – who the heck READS these things?  Clients?  Friends?  Romans?  Countrymen? 
And, more importantly, HOW does … Read more

Not My Friend Flicka

I have a freakish and completely irrational fear of horses.   It’s called equinophobia … and, believe me, it’s caused relentless teasing by my family and co-workers.  It’s also caused me … Read more

Rockin’ Wednesday = Draggin’ Thursday!

When someone says, “Let’s go to a concert on Wednesday” – you should probably think twice.  Now if you’re in your 20’s … a Wednesday evening concert is fine.  But … Read more

M2: Godfather

I am a Godparent.  Not by choice or anything.  I accepted under duress … and I was drunk at the time.  
True story.  
Four years ago, my dear friend Kiki called … Read more