And he does his little turn on the catwalk …

My good friend Jeremy is a male model in NY.  He has the chiseled jaw and chiseled pecs of a Greek Adonis.
I hate him.  (Back-story ahead …)
Many, many moons ago, … Read more

I surf. You surf. We all surf for whatnot.

Okay, so I blog.  You’re reading it right now.  Riveting, huh?  But I always wondered – who the heck READS these things?  Clients?  Friends?  Romans?  Countrymen? 
And, more importantly, HOW does … Read more

Not My Friend Flicka

I have a freakish and completely irrational fear of horses.   It’s called equinophobia … and, believe me, it’s caused relentless teasing by my family and co-workers.  It’s also caused me … Read more

Rockin’ Wednesday = Draggin’ Thursday!

When someone says, “Let’s go to a concert on Wednesday” – you should probably think twice.  Now if you’re in your 20’s … a Wednesday evening concert is fine.  But … Read more

M2: Godfather

I am a Godparent.  Not by choice or anything.  I accepted under duress … and I was drunk at the time.  
True story.  
Four years ago, my dear friend Kiki called … Read more

Hoedown vs. Hoot’nanny – Part II

When we last left the Hinterlands, I was detailing the highlights of my recent trip to rural Missouri (pronounced MizzzerrrRAH up yonder).  But somehow I failed to mention some of … Read more

Hoedown vs. Hoot’nanny — Part I

My dear friend Laura Booth got married over the weekend.  In Milan, Missouri.  Which is – I kid you not – in the middle of nowhere.  I know that because … Read more

Ring My Bell!

Well, it’s official.  I’m the most popular boy in the whole school.  I just went to add a contact to my cell phone and it said “FULL”.   I didn’t even … Read more

My editor is on his period … again!

I heart my editor Kevin Kuzma.  I really do.  He gives advice when warranted and makes suggestions only when absolutely necessary.  I borderline cherish him … but only because he’s … Read more


I literally squealed with glee when The Spice Girls announced their recent Reunion Tour!  And apparently, I was the only one who even remotely cared at work.  
Every single day at … Read more