Michael Mackie

I Get Knocked Down …

For the first time in about five years, I am officially sick. The dreaded bronchial whatnot has run me down like a Mac Truck.  24 hours ago, even the thought … Read more

The Higher The Hair … The Closer To God

 Believe it or not, cosmetology schools are probably one of my favorite clients to work with.  If I didn’t get in to TV, I probably would have been a beauty … Read more

Ho! Ho! Whoa!

Every year I get the enviable task of editing my parent’s holiday letter to the masses.  The first draft I get is usually a rambling, extended run-on sentence.  Whatever happens … Read more

Manic Monday

From time to time, people will deeply sigh and ask me, “Ever had one of those days?”   
And I always say, “No, what’s it like?”  (That’s because typically things go my … Read more

Got Props?

Does anyone out there have a cat o’ nine tails I might be able to use for a shoot next week?  And don’t worry, judgments won’t be made and identities … Read more


I genuinely like Kansas City.   It’s small enough that it still feels homespun and Midwestern-y to me.  But yet it’s cosmopolitan enough to get big-name performers at the Sprint Center … Read more

Times ARE tough!

I work hard for my money.  So hard for it, honey.  And lately I’ve had to take a very realistic and somewhat disheartening look at my finances.  Seems I’m spending … Read more

Halloween is a drag!

In the sleepy little ‘burb of Wilmington, North Carolina … lemme tell you … the freaks come out at night.  Especially on All Hallows Eve.  Typically, I am unfazed by … Read more

New Kids On The Block …

I just spent Monday meeting up-and-coming advertising/marketing graduates from various colleges around the Midwest.   I quickly noticed two things.  1) Good Lord, I’m old.  And 2) Man, do some of … Read more


I just got back from a dazzling trip to North Carolina.  It was a great vacation … lazy and lethargic.  And I love visiting states I’ve never been to before.  … Read more