Michael Mackie

Jennifer and Kathryn — My BFF’s!

The older I get, the more I realize I have less and less time to cater and pander to me.  I blame my friends.  They have helped mold me in … Read more


I recently Google’d myself. (Every time I read that it makes me giggle because it sounds dirty.)
Boy, it’s amazing what dirt you can turn up on yourself courtesy of the … Read more

Go To Hell! Go Straight To Hell! Do Not Pass Go! Do Not Collect $200.

 My fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Howard, is the single coolest person I’ve ever known.  Sorry, JLo … it’s true.
 Way back in the early ‘80’s, Phyllis Howard was duly influencing young and … Read more

Oh, Boy! Koi!

I’ve got two Japanese Koi at work … Shillelagh and Shenanigan.  Okay, Irish-Japanese Koi.  I’ve become very attached to them since rescuing them from a nearly frozen pond at my friend’s … Read more

Corroboree 15

Little known fact: “Corroboree” is a term coined by Australian Aborigines that means “nocturnal festival”. And, conveniently, it also happens to be a rockin’ party … Read more

Craig Wilson :: USA Today

USA Today boasts a readership of 2.25 million peeps every day. It’s nauseating, really. I wonder how many of those people read Craig Wilson’s ha-ha, slice-of-life “Final Word” … Read more

When spokespeople go bad

Several of the school groups I work with who offer Personal Training use sweet, petite National Fitness Champion Beth Horn as their spokeswoman. She’s delightful, honest and has a … Read more


People ask me if this is a picture of me and a drag queen. Might as well be. It’s me and Wynonna Judd. In the middle of the interview, I … Read more

The B-52’s

The day i met my idols, The B-52’s, was the single best day of my entire life. I nearly threw up. I nearly blacked out. I almost wet myself. But … Read more

Donnie & Marie

I’d been working at the TV station for about two days when I got tapped to play host with the most to Donnie & Marie for the day. My … Read more