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Oh, Boy! Koi!

I’ve got two Japanese Koi at work … Shillelagh and Shenanigan.  Okay, Irish-Japanese Koi.  I’ve become very attached to them since rescuing them from a nearly frozen pond at my friend’s … Read more

Corroboree 15

Little known fact: “Corroboree” is a term coined by Australian Aborigines that means “nocturnal festival”. And, conveniently, it also happens to be a rockin’ party … Read more

Craig Wilson :: USA Today

USA Today boasts a readership of 2.25 million peeps every day. It’s nauseating, really. I wonder how many of those people read Craig Wilson’s ha-ha, slice-of-life “Final Word” … Read more

When spokespeople go bad

Several of the school groups I work with who offer Personal Training use sweet, petite National Fitness Champion Beth Horn as their spokeswoman. She’s delightful, honest and has a … Read more


People ask me if this is a picture of me and a drag queen. Might as well be. It’s me and Wynonna Judd. In the middle of the interview, I … Read more

The B-52’s

The day i met my idols, The B-52’s, was the single best day of my entire life. I nearly threw up. I nearly blacked out. I almost wet myself. But … Read more

Donnie & Marie

I’d been working at the TV station for about two days when I got tapped to play host with the most to Donnie & Marie for the day. My … Read more

My Big Fat Greek Interview

About ten minutes before the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” blew up, I got to interview the stars of the movie. I think they sensed the movie was … Read more

Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho is a screaming laugh riot. I adore her because she is politically incorrect and wildly inappropriate. And I actually peed my pants at one of her shows. … Read more

Cyndi Lauper

Girls just want to have fun. Girls like Cyndi Lauper, however, have so much fun they can’t tell time. Er, time after time, that is. Girlfriend was so late for … Read more