My Work

LikeMe Lighthouse
This piece spotlights a former local Kansas City non-profit LGBT community center, LIKEME Lighthouse. For nearly five years, this innovative organization was instrumental in helping LGBT youth find a safe, welcoming space. From education to resources to support, this all-inclusive center strived to help individuals reach their full potential. Throughout the piece, we introduce the viewer to a variety of young adults and volunteers to see how their lives have changed for the better since the Lighthouse welcomed them in.

Kansas City Live (2013-2014)
From fashion to food, celebs to crafts … I do a bit of everything as the co-host of Kansas City Live. Here’s just a smattering of fun stories and interviews from our first season on the air. It’s everything from running amuck with the Chiefs Cheerleaders to my day as a harried barista. Enjoy!

Kansas City Live (2012-2013)
In his first season as co-host of KCL, Michael Mackie has been enlightening viewers on everything from style to food trends to fitness and more. With lively, informative segments, Mackie’s goal is showcase unique, quirky things that make KC special. Mackie’s humorous approach to anything pop culture-oriented has connected with audiences, as viewers have embraced him as their go-to guru for getting out and about.

What The Chic
One day out of the clear blue sky I got a call to audition for a spokesperson gig. Shockingly, I got it. Now I’m the face of Halls Department Stores. Halls (of famed parent company Hallmark) is known for their upscale, ritzy, ooh-la-la merchandise and apparel. They launched a new webisode series called “What The Chic” to give style tips and ideas. Trust me, I don’t look this good in real life. You can thank a talented hair/make-up artist and phenomenal stylist for that. And note the $295 jeans I’m wearing. Ooh-la-la, indeed!

SAVE Inc.’s 25th Anniversary
The ad agency I used to work for gave me a lot of room to do philanthropic projects on the side. SAVE Inc. is a local charity in KC that provides comprehensive housing solutions to empower socially and medically disadvantaged people to improve their health and lead stable lives with personal dignity. We’ve done a number of videos for them over the years. The videos have raised over $900,000 for the organization and won a local Mid-America Emmy in 2009. Here’s the new 2011 version we did for SAVE’s 25th anniversary. Get your Kleenexes ready and enjoy!

Books For Kids
Books For Kids is an organization which doles out millions upon millions of books to children on the East Coast who may not have access to reading material. Not only do they build inner-city libraries, they are rapidly expanding beyond the Tri-State area. Give a child a book — and he’ll learn. Give me a camera crew, meanwhile, and I’ll produce a documentary on this amazing literacy program.

Ah yes, the commercial that put me on the map. From Poughkeepsie to Peoria and Butte to Boca Raton … this commercial that I wrote, produced, directed (and, unfortunately, starred in) has been seen in over 50% of the country. Mercifully, it is no longer airing. My 15 minutes of fame are WAY over.

TLC for Kids
Every year the ad agency I used to work for did a pro-bono video for a local charity. We unveiled this particular one in October 2008 for “TLC” … a local shelter for battered and abused children. The agency was within walking distance of TLC … so we decided to team up and work together in 2008. It seemed like the neighborly thing to do for such a worthwhile cause!

For nearly 8+ years, I worked making TV commercials for PlattForm Advertising. They specialize in direct-response marketing for schools, colleges and universities. (Call now! Call today! Call now!) It’s all education … all the time. I’ve written, directed and/or produced a varied hodge-podge of commercials in my day. Here’s a compilation of some of my favorites … including one for a lawn care company (which has nothing to do with education whatsoever — I just liked it.) Enjoy!

That’s Entertainment w/ M2!
Back in the day, I used to have a sweet gig talking to celebrities. I got to be pretty good at it. I mean, I am, after all … me.