8 Burning Questions with Spiritual Alchemy’s Angela Holmes

When Overland Park energy practitioner Angela Holmes started doing occupational therapy back in 1999, she discovered she had a secondary gift. She found herself completely in tune with other people’s energies, right down to their inner aura. So, she started to hone her skills—learning everything she could about neurology, biofeedback, and sensory integration. “At the time, I wanted to help my oldest son who entered this world wired very differently,” she says. “But, during my studies, it profoundly enhanced my ability to understand cellular healing, mental and emotional awareness, and how it impacts us.

Ultimately, Holmes went on to start Reiki Healing Points around 2002 where she primarily focused on teaching Reiki and chakra classes. “I couldn’t stop at that point,” she adds. “I was on a mission to experience as many ancient and alternative means of healing and wellness techniques as I could. As I did, I dove right in to learn and master them—and then provide those skills to others on their journey.”

From astrology to cosmology, feng shui to Quantum Theta and beyond, Holmes has continued to expand her otherworldly offerings. Her Overland Park business, Spiritual Alchemy, has morphed into one-part mind-body-spirit wellness and one-part holistic health coaching. “My innate gifts of mediumship and psychic awareness have also grown with each new experience over the course of my lifetime,” she says. “I’m here to help people reboot, release, recharge, and revitalize.”

I sat down with the ethereal healer over a spot of tea to ask her eight burning questions.

8) This is far from a typical profession. How did you stumble into it?
“Truly, it was from a plethora of experiences; plus, countless encounters from childhood onward that led me to develop this business. My mother would have to be my number one reason. Her intuitive nature and gentle reassurance of me not being insane was a profound reason.”

7) When did you realize you had a gift for celestial gab?
[laughs] “In my youth, everyone would always say, ‘You should really be a psychologist or some sorta scientist.’ Or I’d get, ‘Are you a witch or something?’ I never felt I was in the ‘normal’ category of what was typical conversation. Aliens, things that go bump in the night, clairvoyance, or good ol’ advice on personal matters has always been my normal gab.”

6) Is it ever difficult to read someone? If so, why is that?
“Yes, I do have times where I can’t read someone. Occasionally, it stems from people who don’t really want to be ‘seen’ or find being vulnerable is too intense. Sometimes they find it scary, which comes down to fear and false conditioning. Other times, it’s about me not being centered or I’m in a lower state of being, vibrationally. Regardless, I actually enjoy the challenge; it keeps me forever humble.”

5) What’s the best part about being an energy practitioner?
“The best part? Energy work is eclectic. I enjoy the joyful flow and centeredness I get to experience regularly. There’s also the fact I rarely, if ever, have pain and or get sick with colds or flu, etc. If I’m not in alignment and loving myself or my work, then I couldn’t do this with authenticity.”

4) What’s the most whackadoo, outer limits thing that’s happened while someone was on your table?
“I’ve had sooooo many wacky experiences, it would be difficult to pick just one. I’ve seen, heard, and felt things that most people would say, ‘That’s impossible!’ Some experiences can be extremely dark and scary. Other times I find myself able to communicate with inanimate objects. Yes, that’s odd.

I’ve had two near-death experiences—which were the most profound and moving of experiences. I also have indescribable feelings when starseed entities and divine benevolent beings are present. Pure joy, pure love—that’s almost impossible to contain.”

3) What do you say to people who say this isn’t a real thing?
“I don’t mind the naysayers and skeptics. Everyone is on their own path. Everyone is here to experience personal growth in consciousness in several different ways. No human is everyone’s cup of tea.”

2) If you weren’t an energy healer, what else would you be doing in life?
“Well, I’d probably either be a world traveling environmentalist of sorts or an astrophysicist.”

1) Give our readers your best piece of advice. Words of wisdom, if you will.
“Be present. Like, seriously present in all you do. Slow down. Love yourself. Love everything about your life—all of it, even down to the tiniest of inconveniences. And from there be kind and appreciative—regardless of the bazillion choices you make. Be brave when you move towards that ‘something’ you want. When you focus on it, your entire being becomes giddy with excitement. It’s your true compass to what’s gonna light you up and open your doors to authentic joy.”