Accountability + Weight-Loss = Recipe For Success at Mirabile M.D.

Real talk—I kicked off 2023 heavier than I’d ever been before. My feet were perpetually killing me. I was also cranky and bloated. And don’t even get me started on the litany of aches and pains in every last one of my joints.

So, I decided to try intermittent fasting. Sounds good in theory, right? And while it might work for some people, I found myself eating a tremendous amount of crap for only six hours per day—you know, as opposed to eight or ten. Bless.

Clearly, something had to give. So, like any good consumer, I snooped around to find a medically supervised weight loss program. Why not, I thought?

Mirabile M.D. came out the clear winner. For one, they have a proven track record—fifteen years and counting!—of helping people get their weight under control. Second, the program is under the watchful eye of Dr. Jim Mirabile, whose hands-on approach had plenty of allure.

Day 1

For me, a successful weight loss program starts with accountability. Mirabile M.D.’s nutrition team were practically chomping at the bit when I started to help me get the ball rolling. My coach Charidy gave me a pretty comprehensive “eat this, not that” list of foods designed to help get me into ketosis. Yes, it was higher on protein(s)—and lower on carbohydrates and caloric intake.

While most patients keep a comprehensive food journal of what they consume, I opted to send Charidy a pic of each and every last damn thing I ate. The first couple of weeks there was a lot of tough love about some of my food choices. While chicken salad is good, I also managed to wipe out an entire day’s worth of calories thanks to my liberal use of mayo. (Oops. I meant well.)

The more I got into the program, the more I enjoyed how personalized it was. I’ll be the first to admit I like foods with a lot of texture (and apparently a lot of salt). Once my team realized how my hunger levels and my cravings affected my mood, they found ways to help me make healthier choices—and, you know, not murder anyone in the process.

Not to mention, I also received a customized injection each week filled with a copious amount of vitamins and minerals to help keep my energy up and my hunger pangs squelched. And my initial visit included a month’s supply of supplements/vitamins to ensure maximum results.

During each week’s weigh-in, their patented scale checks everything from body mass to water weight. The weight has been slowly coming off—2-3 pounds per week—which, as we all know, is ideal. Even better? There have been countless non-scale victories over the last couple of months. For one, I’m sleeping like a rock—probably because I’ve got an infinite amount of extra energy during the day. My planter fasciitis has completely subsided as well as a majority of all my general aches and pains. I’m guessing my hyper-healthy diet has reduced inflammation which was the cause of many of my aforementioned issues.

Day 45

For me, this program has been a godsend. I needed some accountability and, more importantly, a program that keeps me motivated and inspired. Plus, it helps that Dr. Mirabile high-fives me each week when he hears about my successes and reminds me to push through my struggles. I’ll continue the program until I hit my goal weight. (Initially, that was my birth weight, but, turns out, that’s not feasible.)

Curious about what the Mirabile M.D. weight loss regimen entails? Click here for more information or call 913-888-7546 for your complimentary consultation. I’m eager to hear what you think—and how they helped in your health journey.