Birthday Wishes

I learned a few valuable lessons on my BDay weekend this year. Thought I’d take some time to share them with you.

If I stay out past 1am more than two nights in a row now, I can’t function for close to 72 hours. Like my body shuts down … in protest.

I don’t need gifts anymore. While they are thoughtful, oh-so considerate and appreciated, I’d still rather just have you treat me to an iced coffee and 45 minutes of riveting conversation. If breakfast migas tacos are involved … bonus.

I discovered a sort of fast-food Poke bar restaurant this weekend. This is a game changer. I may eat here 10-12 times a week now. I could mainline wasabi if given the opportunity.

I’ve been gainfully unemployed for nearly three months. This weekend I decided to stop obsessing over finding a job and just enjoy whatever the universe has in store for me. It’ll happen. Obsessing helps nothing. I need to embrace the time off.

Life is too short to use regular bar soap. It took 40+ years for me to discover that. Now the lathering possibilities of handmade Bergamot-Lavender-Lemongrass-Peppermint artisanal goat’s milk soap are endless. Can I afford a $14 bar of soap? Nope. Am I worth it though? Hell yeah, I am. Happy Birthday to me!

Last week a dear friend wrote this to me: “You are one of the best people ever that knows how to keep in touch with those you care about and who love you. You know how to access the positive around you and find those you need at the right time. It’s a gift. Connection to others is everything. I hope you are feeling better, more centered. You are wonderful.” After I read that I was reminded for the umpteenth time how blessed I am. I truly have surrounded myself with the best friends a boy could ask for. Period. End of story.

Life is also too short not to travel on your birthday. I don’t care where I’m going or who I’m seeing … as long as I’m not stuck at home. This year I went to go see my bestie in Austin, TX. There was sightseeing galore, mindless wandlust and the consumption of about 922,453 calories … half of which involved queso. It renewed my spirit and gave my soul a much-needed jumpstart.

Tonight some friends are BBQ-ing in my honor. Nothing fancy. Just good company and lots of carnivorous behavior. I’ll probably go to bed early after eating my weight in grilled corn. I did nothing of note today … other than a happening 2+ hour nap. (Nappening?) And having no agenda resonates with me more than anything else in life. Another birthday present to myself.

I’m a year older. I’m a year wiser. At some point my mid-life crisis might actually hit … but it’s not gonna be anytime soon. Now if you’ll excuse me … there’s more queso to be had.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I have to share with you that almost 2 years ago, my 45th birthday, I had a sort of epiphany if you will. It was time to start making changes in my life. Get rid of the toxic friendships I’d found my way into, speak my mind while doing so respectfully, and above all be ME! Still a work in progress, each day is a new day! On to the soap situation…I live in Ottawa, KS and we have a goat milk soap store!!!!!! It’s fairly new to town, and they have so many great things, I know they’d love for you to come in and shop! It’s not always the big things in life we should focus on but rather the small things, that’s what I’m finally learning at the age of almost 47. Safe travels to you, I always enjoy your visits on KMBZ!

  2. Amen! Life is way, way too short. Unfortunately, we learn this as we get older (why the fuck didn’t someone tell us this years ago – or they did, and we didn’t listen).

    My thoughts – Do what makes you happy… be with the people who make you laugh and smile…accept yourself, faults and all — and get a dog. Dogs make everything better.

    Love you, M2!

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