Drew Carey

Drew Carey is my new best friend. Ask him. He’ll tell you. When I plopped down to interview him, he acted like he knew me. I think he acts like that with everyone. He’s like a buddy from high school that you haven’t seen in ten years – but you pick back up right where you left off. He looks you in the eye. He bullshits with you. And then he proceeds to tell you how much he HATES Hollywood. (Uh, not a lot of my high school buddies can say the same.) We spent a majority of the interview talking about hair metal bands of the ‘80’s. He mocked the bands I liked. I mocked the bands he liked. And we both mocked Winger. If I ever get another opportunity to meet Drew Carey – I’m gonna tell him how cool he really is and offer to buy the man a beer.

2 thoughts on “Drew Carey

  1. Hi Michael,

    I was just browsing through your celebrity group. You have had a lot of interesting interviews. How many of these have you taped?

    I imagine you miss doing the interviews. One compensation is all your travel.
    Mom could hardly read the small blue print on your web site. Too bad you didn’t increase the font size. Just a suggestion I am writing this February 12th at 5:15 PM
    I got up at 4:45 this morning unusual for me.

    Take Care

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