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For me, social media is an amazing and profoundly efficient way to announce things. When I won a couple of Emmys over the weekend, I was able to blitzkrieg friends, Romans and countrymen about the good news with the mere push of a button.

It’s taken me a couple days to recoup and regroup, but I wanted to take a white-hot minute to say thanks to everyone who gave me props and kudos. (All 800+ of you!) All in all, it was an amazing evening … and a great way to ring in the beginning of Fall.

One of the awards I took home was for a powerful, long-form video I put together for my charity of choice, SAVE, Inc. This organization is a little hidden gem … one that puts a roof over the heads of nearly 1,300 people every month. Back in the day, SAVE started off as Kansas City’s only AIDS hospice — and has grown substantially over the last 28+ years.  They now provide comprehensive housing solutions that enable socially and medically disadvantaged folks to lead stable lives with personal dignity. It’s a small charity with a big heart and even bigger aspirations. I was blessed to be able to spread the word about all the great things they do in the community. Talk about a labor of love!

Watch the winning video here:

My second award of the evening was a biggie. I walked home with the gold for “Best On-Air Talent – Host” for my work on Kansas City Live. Talk about icing on the cake. It was such a great way to cap off an amazing two-year run on the show. Many colleagues were quick to point out it was wholly ironic I won given that I’m no longer a part of KCL. Needless to say, I made mention of that in my amusing acceptance speech. I predicted that when Merriam-Webster comes out with the newest edition of their dictionary, you’d find a little, teeny-tiny picture of me holding my Emmy next to the word “irony”. “See also M2”, it will say. For those of you keeping score, it’s my third Best Host Emmy – but this one was particularly gratifying. Bittersweet, schmittersweet.

TV is a fickle business, so I was tickled to see many of my beloved peers take home an Emmy statue that evening as well. (Shout out, Keith King! Cheers, Jadiann Thompson!) We might as well call ourselves the “Mutual Admiration Society”.  Again, thanks to everyone who went out of their way to chime in with words of congratulations and encouragement on my dual wins. In a word – rightbackatcha’! We’re all winners! Ironic — dontcha’ think?

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  1. i miss you, Michael, on KCLive. Congrats on your Emmys, so happy for you and may you enjoy health, happiness and fortune.

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