I surf. You surf. We all surf for whatnot.

Okay, so I blog.  You’re reading it right now.  Riveting, huh?  But I always wondered – who the heck READS these things?  Clients?  Friends?  Romans?  Countrymen? 

And, more importantly, HOW does one actually stumble across le blog de Michael Mackie?  Magic?  And while we’re on the subject … WHAT do you think of it?  These are questions I need answered … NOW! 

I find myself to be quite the clever blogger … with some moments of sheer brilliance and hilarity sprinkled in for good measure.  (I’m sure my co-workers thoroughly concur – but only because I painstakingly read my blogs out loud to ALL of them.)  But now I’m asking for your input. 

Here’s your assignment … peruse my site aimlessly and with wild abandon and then gimme your two-cent’s worth.  Or three cent’s worth.  Or however much you’re worth. 

Or just introduce yourself.  Briefly, please.  I have a short-attention span.  Maybe something like, “I’m Mavis from Poughkeepsie and I like Chihuahuas and Chinese Noodles.”  

I’d like to think of this as a random polling of my constituents.  Please do not besmirch my good name unless you ABSOLUTELY have to (or unless you’re really good at it).   I read PerezHilton.com EVERY DAY and I’ve learned tips on how to rip someone to shreds.  Duh. 

Okay … you’ve got your assignment … and, apparently, you’ve got all the time in the world because you’re still reading this.  So let’s hear what your thoughts … ideas … questions … comments … musings … or shoe size.

Much peace. 

M2, Esq.