Jay Cutler

Believe it or not, Jay Cutler and I became BFF’s during this shoot. Which was on my birthday. After a killer day of shooting, I figured Jay would want to call it a day. Nope … he wanted to work out and then join me for dinner. One small problem … I was having a dinner party with 10 friends to celebrate my BDay. You should have seen their faces when The Incredible Hulk walked in, introduced himself, plopped down and proceeded to eat FIVE chicken dinners. Jaws not only hit the table … they went THROUGH the table and hit the floor. The more the merrier, I guess. He could not have been nicer … or hungrier, apparently.

This has got to be one of my favorite pictures ever, by the way. I liked it SO much, I framed it and sent it to Jay. Of course, I autographed it, “To Jay, All My Best! Love, M2”. It hangs in his den to this day. What can I say? The bigger they are, the easier they are to win over. Four years later — and two Mr. Olympia wins — we’re still buds.