Vanessa Marcil

When someone high-fives you FOUR times during an interview, it’s safe to say the interview is going pretty well. Just ask Vanessa Marcil – she loves me. And that’s despite the fact I’ve never seen an episode of “General Hospital”, “90210” or “Las Vegas”. We spent the entire interview flirting and fawning over each other … shamelessly.

Me: “Bitch, you so skinny – you like a NEGATIVE Size 2!”

V: “Grrrrl, you know that … AND I just had a baby!”

Me: “Bitch, shut the front door!”

V: “Grrrrl, you know that!”

Me: “I’ve never seen an episode of ‘General Hospital’”.

V: “Good!”

Me: “You’re absolutely glowing from the whole new Mommy thing!”

V: “No, I’m sweating because you’re hot!”

Me: “Grrrl, you know that.”

V: “Bitch, please. I know you know that.”