Meet Steffany Barton … Medium, Intuitive, Energy Goddess and Galpal

So picture this … It’s Halloween. I’m about to do a live TV interview with a well-known local medium. About fifteen seconds before air, she leans over to me and casually says, “Hey – you should probably come see me at some point. Your grandma is coming through loud and clear.” Her tone was pleasant and matter-of-fact for — what I considered — a bombshell revelation. Her oh-so genuine smile combined with the glean in her eyes told me she wasn’t kidding. I, on the other hand, was caught completely off guard.

“WE’RE BACK IN 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 …”

And that was the quirky beginning to what turned out to be an amazing friendship with Steffany Barton. Like anyone, Steffany’s backstory has a backstory – but hers has an out-of-this-world twist. She’s a self-proclaimed “accidental medium”. In her fundamental teen years, she lost a close friend to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. That’s about the time she discovered she was tapped in to – as she calls it — “the broadcast band on the Heavenly radio dial”. Later in life Steffany became a registered nurse and found she had the ability to communicate with patients that had recently passed on. Over the years, she nurtured that gift, honed her skills and reinvented herself as a medium, intuitive and energy worker. Think less RN … more “nurse for the soul”.

For someone who deals with things outside the Average Joe’s realm of consciousness, she’s remarkably down to earth. (Pun intended.) If it all sounds a little too woo-woo for you, that’s probably a good thing. She’s heard it all before. I wasn’t exactly keen on her psychic abilities, but became a believer after our first few sessions.

For instance, she would know the teeniest details about my grandmother. Things I’d long since forgotten — like her love of rosewater and propensity for travel. Steffany even asked about my grandma’s famous lemon square recipe. Every time she’d hit upon something left of center, my jaw would fall further to the floor. I went from skeptic to believer in about thirty minutes. Turns out, my Grandma Mack (as I lovingly called her) was my guardian angel … and Grandma wanted me to be wholly aware of that fact. According to Steffany, Grandma wouldn’t get out of her head until everyone was on the same page. On earth, Grandma Mack was polite and reserved. In the afterlife, she’s found her voice … and apparently, it’s loud. (True story … I now keep an old-school pic of Grandma Mack and me in my computer bag. She’s close by at all times … figuratively and literally.)

In our early days, Steffany’s authenticity and never-ending sincerity is what kept piquing my interest. She’s a doting mom and wife, loves God, appreciates life … oh, and she just happens to have the ability to connect with spirit guides. No big deal, right? You’ve probably got one or two in your midst right now and you don’t even know it. All Steffany wants to do is ensure you’re mindful and/or receptive to them.

In fact, I just visited Steffany yesterday. I called her in a dither because I’ve been feeling a little unhinged lately. Life stress. Work stress. Stress stress. She’s a great touchstone for helping me push the re-energize button and get my head screwed on straight. I left feeling lighter and more optimistic than when I stumbled in her doors. Speaking of … when you visit her, she’s created this mystical lair inside her house filled with crystals and stones. Twinkling lights hang all around. Since she is a firm believer in the power of angels, the walls are adorned with wings and angel artwork. It’s the perfect Zen space for her to help people in need of a higher power.

Sometimes the other side just wants to give us a nudge in the right direction – you know, if we’re open to it. Steffany just helps facilitate everything. Think of her as a celestial problem-solver … with a heart of gold. Intrigued? Want to know more? You can find more info at Or check out any of her books on

I would call her a Godsend … but I’m pretty sure the spirit guides around us might take umbrage. So I’ll just call her a good friend and caring mentor. That seems more apropos. (I’m pretty sure Grandma Mack would approve.)