PRF at Mirabile M.D. Can Be a Gamechanger For Your Hair

I like to think of myself as hair aware—which sounds infinitely better than, uh, shallow or vain. But when it comes to the mop of hair follicles on top of my skull, I’m hyper-fastidious about how it looks.

So early last year when I noticed my blonde locks were starting to thin (especially at the crown of my head), I panicked like any shallow/vain hair aware person would do. After consulting with nurse injector, Jessica Brooks, at Mirabile M.D., she suggested I might be the perfect candidate for a new-ish procedure called PRF, a.k.a. “platelet-rich fibrin.”

The formula—which is derived from your own blood— is used for anti-aging, such as under-eye hollowness and dark circles, as well as hair growth.

On the day I visited, a technician collected six vials of blood which she then promptly sent to the lab. My blood was spun to separate and isolate the regenerative cells. The remaining concentrate is composed of my platelets and white blood cells. Brooks refers to this concentrate as “liquid gold.”

Brace yourself for this next part, people. The regenerative concentrate was then injected back into my scalp through a series of rotating needles. I’m not gonna lie, I have a low threshold for pain and this 20-minute procedure made me wince several times. No pain, no (hair) gain, right?

If you peruse Mirabile M.D.’s and Brooks’s Instagram pages, you’ll see plenty of impressive before/afters, which almost look too good to be true. But, as you’re about to see, my hair is now starting to fill-in nicely. To me, it looks—and feels—dramatically thicker. (I’ve also decided to start growing my hair out, so I fully anticipate looking like a Breck girl by mid-summer.)

Sure, you’re welcome to double down and use Biotin or any other hair growth supplements alongside the procedure, but, for me, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. And added bonus? The process doesn’t use any additives or anti-coagulants, so it’s an ideal natural treatment option.

Patients should anticipate a series of three treatments with four to six weeks between each treatment. So far, I’ve had two sessions. The photo pictured here was taken after just one treatment. (And yes, the second one was just as painful. Full stop.) As Brooks mentioned, it will take around a year to see the full benefits following the initial treatment. Thus far, the hair growth is the most substantial (and noticeable) in the balding areas of my crown. There are a few new wisps in the front, but I’m not expecting to regrow a new hairline.

Color me a fan of the results thus far. And I know it’s working because my persnickety hairstylist—who has tried to disguise my hair loss for years—was quick to notice the newfound growth, manageability, and fullness.

Save your pennies, the procedure is spendy $2,700 for a package of 3 treatments, but, as you can see, it’s working like a charm. I’ll do a follow-up in about six months and let you see the final product.

Eager to know more or schedule a consultation? Click here to find out more about how PRF could work for you.