Rockin’ Wednesday = Draggin’ Thursday!

When someone says, “Let’s go to a concert on Wednesday” – you should probably think twice.  Now if you’re in your 20’s … a Wednesday evening concert is fine.  But once you hit your 30’s, going out on a school night can wreak havoc for days and weeks to come. 

Last week, however, I escaped the closed confines of Kansas City and drove 45 minutes to Lawrence, KS (home of the Kansas Jayhawks) to see my dear friend and rocker-chick Lisa Donnelly perform. 

I’ve known Lisa for a few years now and I’ve criss-crossed the country to see her play.  Well, I flew to LA once when she played at the Roxy – but still.  Lisa has this dreamy and ethereal voice that I liken to that chick on Evanescence … except with more range.

Every time Lisa opens her mouth, I instantly get goose bumps.  Yes, she’s that good. 

For awhile she was in a band called “A.M. Pacific” (which you can find on ITunes).  It gave her a chance to cut her proverbial teeth and get firmly entrenched in the LA music scene.  She’s since branched out and gone solo.   And she’s poised to unleash her new solo album on the world before the end of the year.   

When Lisa performed in Lawrence, it was a homecoming of sorts.  She’s originally from Lawrence and this is the first time in about seven years that she’s rocked her hometown.  You could tell Lisa was psyched to unveil some of her newest tunes to the unassuming crowd.  Her latest offers a mix of upbeat folk, homespun rock and a few kitschy toe-tappers.  If Jewel and Jim Morrison had a musical love child … it would be Lisa.  

Lisa moved to LA to follow her dream of pursuing her music.  And she is thisclose to gaining a mainstream success.  If I had a megaphone, I’d yell it from the rooftops to go buy her album.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a megaphone … but I do have a website that can shamelessly and blatantly plug her, though. 

Minutes from now when Lisa makes it big, I’m going to ride her coattails to fame.  Heck, I may even offer to be her manager.  But only if she promises I don’t have to go to another one of her concerts on a school night.  Seriously, I’ve been dragging for two weeks.   That ain’t right.