The Top 10 Most Read IN Kansas City Magazine Articles So Far This Year Are …

We’re halfway through the year and a quick rundown of IN Kansas City Magazine’s online stats shows that yours truly has written all ten of the Top 10 Most Read Articles so far this year. (No big surprise there. Moi does have a following.)

It’s a weird smattering of online exclusive stories, quirky features, coronavirus coverage and, of course, the mighty-mighty Chiefs SuperBowl LIV win earlier this year. Here’s the rundown with links for you to peruse accordingly:

10. Kansas City Art Institute Professor Wins Pulitzer Prize
When the press release from KCAI hit my inbox about a month ago, I actually did a double, then triple take. Wait? What? Like a Pulitzer-Pulitzer? Sure enough, it was true. And the associate professor who won has paid her dues—and then some. A well-deserved win.

9. Whatever Happened To: 38 The Spot’s Crystle Lampitt
From time to time, Lampitt would help me hold down the fort on Kansas City Live. She was always affable and chatty—and after the show abruptly shuttered its doors earlier this year, I wanted to find out what she was doing nowadays. (Oh, and if you’re looking for some hilarity—watch this insane blooper where Lampitt and I nearly crash to our doom. Bless.)

8. Olathe Nurse Now on the Frontlines of COVID-19 Crisis In NYC: “Very Surreal, Very Eye-Opening”
In the early days of coronavirus culture, I was scrapping to find human interest stories. This one hit a nerve. Heather Smith—a  traveling nurse from Olathe—suddenly found herself inundated treating deadly COVID-19 cases at one of NYC’s busiest hospitals. Her words rang just as true then as they do now.

7. Whatever Happened To: MTV’s The Real World’s Dan Renzi
Renzi was a popular, polarizing cast member of The Real World: Miami over 20 years ago. When I wrote this article last year, I had no idea it would still be getting double-digit clicks. Seems everyone wants to know what the OP native has been up to. (PS. He’s also a traveling nurse. See #8.)

6. Holy Guacamole! Austin-Based Torchy’s Tacos is Coming to the Metro
I am officially obsessed with this TexMex restaurant—so when I found out Torchy’s Tacos was finally coming to Kansas City; I lost my proverbial mind. So did readers. The number of eyeballs who read this article was off the charts. Apparently, love of tacos is universal. Hopefully, the restaurant will finally open its doors later this summer. Queso-covered fingers crossed.

5. Exclusive: Photographer Roy Inman Reveals Details Behind “The Shot” From Wednesday’s Epic Chiefs Rally Inman is the illustrious photographer behind the sea of blue pic taken during the Royal’s World Series rally at Union Station a few years ago. Of course, he was tapped to shoot the red wave of fans when the Chiefs cleaned up at SuperBowl LIV. He detailed the story behind the infamous (and freezing cold) shot. (PS. I know that’s not the real photo. Want to see the pic? Click the link.)

4. “I Got Diagnosed Over A Week Ago and I Still Feel Like I’ve Been Hit By A Truck”
An area healthcare worker who was diagnosed with COVID-19 on March 25th detailed the devastating effects of being stricken with the disease and how things went from “bad to worse to dire” in mere days. I helped pen their fever-induced thoughts.

3. $25,000 Can Be Yours If You Can Find This Dude a Suitable Girlfriend. No, Seriously!
Salacious headlines always grab readers’ attention. This one likely caught your eye. The story is even more satisfyingly lurid.

2. Exclusive: “We Tossed Brad Pitt Our Chiefs Hat—And He Loved It!”
Remember when Pitt was spotted at the SAG Awards wearing a Chiefs hat on the red carpet? I scored the exclusive behind-the-scenes skinny on how it happened—and it’s one doozy of a story. Seems the planets aligned—right place, right time, right hat.

1. We Compiled Our Fave Chiefs Quotes From Yesterday!
That magical Sunday the Chiefs won SuperBowl LIV will live in infamy. I painstakingly scoured the intra-webs to find the zaniest quotes from players, fans, celebs and more. The article blew up about .08 seconds after I posted it on Monday morning.

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