Why I Need/Deserve/Want a Personalized Weight Loss Program

One time my physician flatly told me, “Mackie, it didn’t take you twelve weeks to gain sixty pounds, you’re not going to lose it in three months.”

I looked at him for a minute and then punched him squarely in the throat.

While he was right, I didn’t want to hear his insane realities. I wanted a quick-fix weight loss regimen—something in the 48-72 hour range. (Give or take 24 hours.)

While it’s readily possible to lose an astronomical amount of weight quickly, it’s never usually good for you. To those who say #healthschmealth, let’s re-visit comedian Margaret Cho’s infamous weight-loss story surrounding her 90s sitcom, All-American Girl. Network executives told her to slim down before production began. So, Cho lost 30 pounds in two weeks and subsequently experienced kidney failure on set. Her hair started falling out. She later became addicted to weight-loss pills. “I got sick, big sick. My kidneys collapsed,” she once said in an interview.

Around Valentine’s Day last year, I decided enough was enough and I was going to start a practical, medically supervised weight-loss program—something that was tailor-made for me. Cue the folks at Mirabile M.D. in Overland Park who understand that losing weight is both personal and daunting. (Or, in my case, personally daunting and dauntingly personal.)

For me, I realized a successful weight loss program starts with accountability.

Good thing Mirabile M.D.’s nutrition team were ready, willing, and able when I finally pulled the trigger. Not gonna lie, it was a bit rough getting my act together. Fortunately, their “eat this, not that” list of foods helped get me jump started. Yes, it was higher on protein(s)—and lower on carbohydrates and caloric intake.

Most patients keep a comprehensive food journal of what they consume. That, however, wasn’t for me. Instead, I opted to take pics of everything last damn thing I ate to share with the team. (Hello, accountability!)

As I matured into the program, I realized it was taking longer than expected to see a dramatic weight shift. I was quickly reminded impatience is NOT a virtue. Turns out, my team was right all along—slow and steady (weight loss) does win the race.

How personalized is the program, you ask? They found ways to help me make healthier choices, discover foods I didn’t even know I enjoyed, and realize the importance of portion control.

In addition, I also received customized weekly injections filled with a copious amount of vitamins and minerals to help keep me energized and squelch my hunger pangs. (And let’s not forget my initial visit included a month’s supply of supplements/vitamins to ensure a productive start.)

To date, I’ve lost nearly 33 pounds (with 17 to go). And I recently started on the clinic’s proprietary blend of semaglutide in case my weight-loss starts to slow down.

Even more impressive? There have been plenty of non-scale victories over the last nine months. For one, my general aches and pains have subsided. (Turns out eating crap for the previous year caused tons of inflammation in my joints.) Meanwhile, I’m sleeping like a rock—probably because I’ve got an infinite amount of extra energy during the day.

To say I’m happy with the progress I’ve made has been an understatement. The team is always there to answer questions and concerns I might have. If you’re looking to grab 2024 by the reins and start losing weight, I can’t recommend them enough. So, if you’re curious about what the Mirabile M.D. weight loss regimen entails, click here for more information or call 913-888-7546 for your complimentary consultation. Drop my name. I’m eager to hear what you think—and how they helped in your health journey.