Happy 1st Anniversary … to me!

DSC00902Well, today is the one year anniversary of launching MichaelMackie.com.  It was quite the undertaking, believe me.  I didn’t realize all the intricacies of putting together a professional website.  It really started off as a lark.  I wanted a venue where I could write (or not write) whatever I wanted.  I needed an outlet to be clever, witty, bitter or snarky – and FaceBook just WASN’T cutting it.

So I approached my friend (and former co-worker) Jamon Abercrombie and asked him to help a brother out.  I gave him the color scheme and overall idea … and he ran with it. Brilliance followed one week later.  Jamon knows how incredibly vain I am … and if he didn’t, he certainly got the memo early on.  My website is a perfect little slice of me.  Thanks, Jamon.  I owe you one … or 25,000 … which is how many hits I’ve gotten in the past year.

It took awhile for my website to take off … ahem, despite shameless, blatant self-promotion.  I noticed that a random smattering of my blogs were getting an unusual amount of traffic in the first few months.  Oddly, thanks to Google – two or three specific blogs got hits from all over the country.  Here are the links below:  (Can you link from your website TO your website?  Gosh, I hope so – it had better not create a tear in the fabric of the universe!)




I’d like to give a shout out to Canada (specifically Ontario and Winnipeg) who check out my website frequently.  And Queensland, Australia too.  I don’t know anyone in any of those cities, but thanks to the miracle of the internet they found me.  Yeah, I’m kind of a big deal.

So here’s to my second year of meeting and greeting famous people … and writing to my little heart’s content.  I promise big things in the upcoming months for my adoring reading public.  Thanks for all your feedback, notes, comments and suggestions – and by all, I mean, my parents.

Here’s to 50,000 hits before Spring Break!