Oh, Boy! Koi!


I’ve got two Japanese Koi at work … Shillelagh and Shenanigan.  Okay, Irish-Japanese Koi.  I’ve become very attached to them since rescuing them from a nearly frozen pond at my friend’s house.

One has a gimp fin on his right side and constantly swims in circles.  The other is – shall we say – ignorant.  (I think he’s mildly touched in the head … but he probably doesn’t know any better.)

 Those fish have been through a lot including an algae bloom in their tank and a very traumatic move to the new building.   They’ve survived firings, hirings and countless interns.  I say, “Good Morning” to them every morning.  Heck, I don’t even say, “Hello” to my officemate Tiffany when she stumbles in.

 I could watch them for hours on end.  Come to think of it, it’s really a wonder I get anything accomplished.  In fact, I even missed the deadline on this blog because I was so entranced watching them redecorate their tank.  They are constantly moving stuff around.  I think they’re trying to make it Feng-Shui friendly. 

 When kids trick or treat at the office during Halloween, the fish are subject to tons of grubby fingers tapping on the glass.  I try to warn them ahead of time, but they never listen.  You’d think they’d hide behind the skeleton in the tank … but NOOOO … they act like crazy celebs who enjoy being hounded by paparazzi – uh, disguised as four year olds.

 I don’t know what the lifespan is of Irish-Japanese Koi … but I hope they are around for a long time.  I’ve gotten used to them.  And them me.  And, boy, have they gotten big.  One actually got stuck in the faux flora/fauna tucked daintily in the corner of the tank.  I was embarrassed for him.  I put a teeny little sticker on the glass with the number to Jenny Craig.  Let’s hope he makes the call … with his good fin.

 So here’s to you Shillelagh and Shenanigan – you guys brighten my day every morning.  And you provide countless hours of amusement when I should be meeting blog deadlines.

I would have offered to take you to lunch today … but we went for sushi.  It seemed wrong on a number of levels.