Corroboree 15

Little known fact: “Corroboree” is a term coined by Australian Aborigines that means “nocturnal festival”. And, conveniently, it also happens to be a rockin’ party held at the Kansas City Zoo each year by PForm’s charity of choice, SAVE Inc.

SAVE Inc. is Kansas City’s oldest provider of housing assistance to individuals and families who are living with HIV/AIDS. SAVE Inc. helps over 600 individuals and families every single month. Plus, the organization spends nearly $300,000 every month in rental assistance to maintain its nine residential properties. When you’re living with HIV/AIDS, housing is a matter of life and death.

In this depressed economy, it’s refreshing to see people get together for a good cause and help raise much-needed funds for a worthy charity. And who doesn’t like great parties with Australian themes? Throw another shrimp on the barbie! And OMG – is that ONJ?

2008 marks the fifteenth year of this vibrant event — which began as a mere gleam in the eyes of a few friends back in 1994. Back in ’94, Lion King was #1 at the Box Office, and Ace of Base “The Sign” topped the Billboard Hot 100, Oprah was in a thin-phase, and a DEMOCRAT was President … less I digress.

Every year Corroboree gets bigger, wackier and zanier … and this year was no exception. From the minute you set foot on the Zoo Tram, the party is in full swing. I should know … I was the Tram Host. Best of all, SAVE graciously handpicked PlattForm to volunteer at the event … and, once again, PFormers turned out in droves to help ensure fun and merriment for all.

I’m always amazed at the willingness of my co-workers to participate in these charitable endeavors. After three years of being the co-chair of our philanthropic committee “Team Phil”, you’d think I’d be over that. I’m still surprised I don’t have to drag people kicking and screaming to events. That’s never the case around PlattForm. In fact, there were nearly twenty of us keeping things running smoothly at Corroboree 15.

So here’s to another successful year! This year, SAVE raised nearly $100,000 to help provide housing options for those affected by HIV/AIDS. And mark your calendars for the month of September 2009 … as I know your social rosters fill up fast. I’d like to see even more people break out their didgeridoos at Corroboree 16.

If you’d like to find out more about this organization or make a donation, please visit