Donnie & Marie

I’d been working at the TV station for about two days when I got tapped to play host with the most to Donnie & Marie for the day. My orders? “Get to the station at 6am and cater to their every whim for the next 12 hours.” So I immediately looked up their likes and dislikes. They like fruits and veggies. They dislike anything with caffeine. (It’s a Mormon thing, I guess.) Here’s the weird thing … when Marie was behind closed doors, she was monotone and dry. But when she was “on” … watch out. She lit up a room. Donnie was affable and adorable 24/7. (It helped that I had seen him in “Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” three times.) Unlike many stars I’ve interviewed, they were polite, pleasant, poised … and, best of all, sober. Weird to think that about a week after this shoot, Marie had a total post-partum nervous breakdown. Was it something I said? I swear it was decaf!