The B-52’s

The day i met my idols, The B-52’s, was the single best day of my entire life. I nearly threw up. I nearly blacked out. I almost wet myself. But note the smile on my face. It’s saying, “I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING!” I have worshipped The B’s since I discovered them circa 1983 on MTV. They were weird, kitschy, goofy and retro. And so was I. Finally, someone I could relate to. I told Cindy she was my favorite. (She is.) I also told Keith, Fred and Kate the same thing. (Fortunately, they bought it.) I don’t remember much about meeting them, however. The only thing I do remember is when they walked up to meet me, I tried to stand up and my legs wouldn’t work. Literally. I thought I had polio. And then my tongue swelled to 50X its normal size.

But the smile on my face is priceless. It was my best day. Ever.

One thought on “The B-52’s

  1. Man I used to be OBSESSED with Kate Pierson. ( have you seen her in the video “Candy” with Iggy Pop? Yummy!) But yikes look at her in this picture. I’ll stick with Sela Ward.

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