People ask me if this is a picture of me and a drag queen. Might as well be. It’s me and Wynonna Judd. In the middle of the interview, I demanded we sing a duet. She asked if I could harmonize. I said no. I started to sing and she chimed in. She was singing twice as loud as I was … clearly to drown out my off-key warbling. Not to be outdone, I started singing louder. Eventually, the sound guy threw off his headset and walked out of the room. We both died laughing. Right after that I very politely asked for a picture … which, in Wynonna’s world, is apparently forbidden. Her publicist snatched my camera faster than you could say “buffet”. I begged, pleaded and groveled. Wynonna finally relented and said … and this is a direct quote … “Git on over here, you big ol’ donkey schoolgirl and let’s do this.” Wynonna Judd called me a “big ol’ donkey schoolgirl”. For realz. What is a big ol’ donkey schoolgirl anyway?