When spokespeople go bad

Several of the school groups I work with who offer Personal Training use sweet, petite National Fitness Champion Beth Horn as their spokeswoman. She’s delightful, honest and has a real passion for what she does.

And she will apparently hurl you into a wall if you get in her way.

Seems Beth hit the airwaves (pun intended) as one of the new “American Gladiators” last January on NBC. Had I not actually seen an ad where Beth throws a contestant over her head, I would not have believed it.

When I worked with Beth, she was the model of tact and decorum. A true professional. Now she’s body slamming people off platforms. And, in one clip I saw, it looks like she’s impaling someone with a giant Q-Tip.

Face it, the original American Gladiators in the early 90’s was cheesy. Swiss, gouda AND cheddar cheesy. I loved it. I rarely missed an episode … and for a brief while I even wore my hair like Lazer … or was it Malibu? Believe me, there was not enough mousse in the world to keep my coif THAT perfectly doffed. I have a feeling the new show is not your father’s American Gladiators. For one, they have some FIERCE new names like “Fury” and “Militia”!

As her alter-ego “Venom” … whoever was responsible for her makeover did a phenomenal job! She’s virtually unrecognizable. It’s part drag queen, part dominatrix. Whatever the case – she looks like a psychotic Spice Girl. And I guarantee that she will be the most vicious of competitors. I pity the fool that messes with Venom. No wonder she tried to stab me with a fork that time in Vegas when I tried to grab the last piece of sushi. She was practicing!